Interested in working with me and my team?

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Then, let's write them together.

Then, let's write them together.

Hello, my name is Vlad
and this is my ...

I am a smart, geeky & soulful wordsmith with over ten years of experience as a copywriter and a lifetime passion for transmedia storytelling, music, and comic books.

What do I do?

Drawing inspiration from the world we live in, I ideate, create, and choose the right words which matter and create a connection no matter the medium.


A good tagline becomes great transmedia copyrighting when its form follows function. I use my cross-platforms expertise to develop the right message across all digital channels.

Social Media Content Strategy

A good concept becomes a winning strategy when creative tools & audience research are used to enhance it. I ideate solid, long-term content marketing plans to create awareness and engagement for your project.

Storytelling strategy

A good idea becomes a great story when enriched by content, context, and tension. I use various creative thinking tools to craft compelling stories that touch the right audience for your brand.


A good story becomes a great one-of-a-kind blog post when passion is used in the mix.
From idea to final manuscript, I chronicle the stories too personal to be written alone.

Social Media Copy

A good tagline becomes a shareable post when it speaks from the heart.
I write social media copy aligned with the right strategy to tell your brand's story online.

Website Copy

A good headline becomes a great call to action when it is aligned with the right strategy to express an authentic story. I use my effective understanding of user experience to communicate the story efficiently online.

My type of client

Brands have different needs! So, if you are in need of

Creative, intelligent copy that people can relate to?

Content that creates a long-lasting connection to your brand?

Writing that inspires people to contact, follow or engage?


A blog about the words that inspire me to create stories.
  • vlad
  • Posted by vlad
September 20, 2020
  • vlad
  • Posted by vlad
September 20, 2020

Who I am at work

An ideator working together with like-minded makers in order to produce work that makes an impact and creates a long-lasting impression.

I use strategy, transmedia storytelling, creative problem solving & creative tools to clarify, think big, and get things done right.  

I speak – client, planner, account, junior, executive, and the language of Art Directors and Graphic designers.

Who I am every day

Born in Australia from Romanian parents. An observer, outcast, and part of the generation of “the children of the action figures” as Atmosphere aptly put it in one of their songs.

Avid music listener, comic book geek with a passion for transmedia storytelling, creative thinking tools, and collector of stories both written and unwritten.

Organizations that
have trusted my words.

My soul

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